My Orientation

I am a feminist psychologist working from a multicultural-biopsychosocial approach with adult clients.


My primary areas of focus include working with adults managing Bipolar Spectrum, ADHD, and Schizoaffective issues, chronic and serious physical illness, substance abuse, and life stresses related to minority status and multiple identities.


I provide individual psychotherapy from a strengths-based, harm reduction model. I enjoy exploring coping strategies, meaning making, and life approaches that align with my clients' values. I have an active style and approach therapy as a mutual endeavor. 


I am accepting new clients with the understanding that I am in practice part-time and will be away up to six weeks per year.


I provide individual therapy for adults ages 18 - 90. I am working from a feminist-biopsychosocial model. This means in my work I consider the interplay of the body, the mind, one's culture, and the social stresses and supports around a person. It also means that I work collaboratively with my clients.  I work across a variety of modalities, from brief-focused to more intensive therapies. The models I draw from include:

  Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

  Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

  Compassion Focused Therapy

  Feminist Psychotherapy

  Interpersonal and Social Rhythm Therapy

  Multicultural and Ecological Frameworks

  Solution Focused Therapy


No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.

                                           --Gautama Buddha